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to nature whilst getting to know your local ecosystems & their inhabitants

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how to make exquisite cocktails with classic, wild & artisanal ingredients

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unique and seasonal flavours,
fresh & locally sourced

Support our journey of producing wild and sustainable cocktail ingredients from the unique flavours of Danish nature

Wild Cocktails Box

We produce micro-batches of seasonal handcrafted cocktail ingredients using wild foraged botanicals.

  • Liqueurs & Snaps
  • Cordials & Syrups
  • Bitters & Tinctures
  • Garnishes & Rimmers

Monthly selections are curated and delivered across Denmark to help hospitality venues serve sustainable cocktails easily.

… including

  • Exclusive alcoholic, low ABV or 0% Recipes
  • Menu design
  • Local Spirits Selection
  • Staff Training
  • Marketing Material

Pop-up Bar

On-demand cocktail catering service and bar for private and business events, festivals, markets, and fairs.

The mobile cocktail bar brings a hint of wild nature closer to you with modern, classic, and signature drinks featuring seasonal and artisanal ingredients.

We design our own selection of cocktails based on seasonal availability and collaboratively create a customised menu that perfectly fits the theme of your event.

* Available in Denmark for all regions.


We offer a wide range of workshops in the art of making cocktails and the crafting of artisanal ingredients, with a special focus on wild and foraged flavours. From getting started with the basic classic cocktails to making common and less common cordials and liqueurs to the creation of something totally unique.

Our most popular workshops are the Wild Cocktails Workshop and the Art of Creative Cocktail-Making, where people of all ages are invited to explore flavour combinations and learn how to make our signature cocktails.

* Workshops can be designed collaboratively and tailored for the targetted audience – including both wild, classics, and alcohol-free options.

Staff Training

In addition to more generalised workshops, we offer specialised staff training for your hotel, bar, or restaurant, specifically catered to your establishment, suppliers, and infrastructure. Whether you’re just starting out and have a whole new crew to train or you just want to broaden the horizons of your existing one, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about Wild Hospitality

* Ask about our B2B options.


Curious about wild food but not quite sure where to start? On our organised foraging trips, we’ll teach you how to identify both edible plants to harvest and poisonous plants to avoid, as well as responsible foraging and creative use of your newly discovered ingredients.

We offer recurrent trips within the projects:

Get in touch to organize a foraging trip collaboratively.

Wild Hospitality

Wild Hospitality

A global movement aiming to connect people with local nature
The Biodiversity Network

The Biodiversity Network

Network for sustainable innovation
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Vild med det

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