Not Quite Dark & Stormy


This cocktail is a beguiling twist on the classic that promises an unforgettable voyage through flavor. This libation combines the deep, molasses-rich allure of Plantation Original Dark Rum with the zesty embrace of lime juice, weaving a narrative that’s both complex and invigorating. The addition of aromatic angostura bitters, a hint of homemade rich demerara syrup, and a crown of high-quality ginger beer elevate this drink into a tantalizing symphony of taste.

With each sip, the rich, velvety notes of dark rum unfold, intermingling with the bright citric zest of lime juice, a play of contrasts that dances on the palate. The angostura bitters add depth, hinting at hidden complexities, while the demerara syrup’s silky sweetness rounds off the edges, providing balance. The effervescence of ginger beer invigorates the senses.

Together, these ingredients craft a cocktail that’s enigmatic, not quite the tempestuous Dark & Stormy but a bewitching narrative all its own. It’s a journey that beckons you into uncharted waters, where familiar flavors take on an exciting new twist.

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