About Us


Welcome to Ulmus Craft Cocktails, a family business operating from the very heart of Midtjylland, and bringing exclusive experiences to all corners of Denmark with our unique products and mobile cocktail bar.

Ulmus was born from the intersection of our deep love for nature, and professional expertise as a seasoned bartender and a tech-savvy sustainability educator.

We, Johan & Kamila, found our calling in blending science, history, mixology, and ecology into modern wild cocktail-making that shares a hint of ecological stewardship at every sip.

Our journey began with a vision — to craft exquisite cocktails that not only tantalize the taste buds but also evoke a deeper connection to the origin of flavors i.e. the natural world.

The wild is full of exquisite flavours!

Our craft is a celebration of wild ingredients, handcrafted with love, and transformed into artisanal products that captivate the senses.

Our practices support the conservation and restoration of natural habitats, promoting the acceptance and increase of wild native botanicals and biodiversity that creates resilience in different ecosystems.

We draw inspiration from expert mixologists and pioneers from the New Nordics movement, in combination with acknowledged ecosystem conservation and restoration practices.

Our name, ‘Ulmus,’ pays homage to the Elm tree genus, an emblem of renewal and restoration. Just as the Elm has been brought back from the edge of extinction through the efforts of many conservationists.

Furthermore, by helping to restore the connection of people with nature, we believe we can support democratizing the Green Transition on an intimate and personal level.

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between untamed nature and modern life, by using wild edible plants in modern cocktail-making.

Hence, we develop a range of products and signature recipes that provide unique and exclusive access to wild food experiences as well as knowledge about foraged Nordic botanicals, locally sourced vegan food, and beverages mainly produced organically in Denmark.

We are looking forward to meeting you and supporting your own journey into discovering new flavours, and learning about wild edible plants while engaging in restorative ecology.


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