Bitter Orange Cordial

Our Bitter Orange Cordial is handcrafted in the heart of Denmark with the peel and juice of fresh oranges and warm tropical spices to deepen its flavour.

Bright, tangy, and a little spicy and drying on the palate, it makes for an excellent modifier in a range of cocktails without upsetting the sweet/sour balance.

Try it in a Campari Highball, Orange Daiquiri, or Whiskey Sour, in place of orange liqueur, or simply lengthened with sparkling water to create a complex and refreshing orange soda.

It goes great with many spirits, wines, and liqueurs but a few of the most obvious choices include sweet vermouth, whiskey, Campari, Aperol, and other Amari as well as rum, tequila, and vanilla liqueur.

Ingredients: Fresh oranges, sugar, fresh lime zest, citric acid, malic acid, spices, aroma.

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