Burning Bush


Even in a single kind of fruit, there can exist incredible variety – for blackberries, Denmark contains as many as 100 species (you read that right, not just varieties of one species, but full-on species in their own right!).

Our favorite species of wild blackberry is the Eurasian Cutleaf Blackberry (Rubus Laciniatus). This type of blackberry has its intensely fruity and complex flavor as well as solid fruits that are less prone to squishing – even when fully ripe.

In this signature cocktail, we use fresh wild blackberry oleo – a vibrant syrup capable of expressing the raw flavor of hand-picked Danish blackberries. Paired with the botanical elegance of gin and the citrusy brightness of lemon, each element harmonizes to create a symphony of flavors that pays tribute to the Danish wilderness, reminding us of the serenity found in its hidden corners.

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