Crafts & Cocktails: Xmas Wildflowers

16th December 2023

Cafe Nifty, Universitetsbyen 14, 8000 Aarhus

Learn how to create beautiful paper flowers using recycled materials that you can use for decorating Christmas gifts and other elements, all while tasting delicious cocktails that incorporate the featured wildflowers and botanicals as ingredients.

In this partnership with Cafe Nifty and the artist Mira Hallund, we explore how craftsmanship and flavour meld together to teach us about the beauties of wild nature. We use the spirit of this season to share beauty and love at every sip.

Join us for a fun, creative, informative, and delicious afternoon of Crafts & Cocktails Xmas edition.

Paper Flower Workshop

Recycled paper wildflowers

Your workshop instructor will be the artist from Copenhagen, Mira Hallund. With crafty hands, Mira has several years of experience as an instructor of paper flowers and will lead you on a journey of using recycled paper for creating beautiful paper art with a focus on the featured wildflowers and botanicals served in the bar.

The workshop will have a duration of 2 hours and include all the materials + 3 wild cocktails for sipping while working.

Wild Cocktail Bar

The unique flavours of the wild

To highlight the bounty of nature, we will be serving signature cocktails that showcase the unique flavours of the botanicals featured in the workshop.

Your host for this experience will be veteran bartender & founder of Ulmus Craft Cocktails, Johan Lydeking. With a decade of experience behind the bar, he is very excited to share his craft with you.

When: 16. December 2023
Where: Cafe Nifty, Universitetsbyen 14, 8000 Aarhus

Workshop Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Ticket: 450 DKK*

*includes all materials and 3 exclusive wild cocktails (value of 350 DKK)

The cocktail bar will be open with promotional prices until 6:00 PM.


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