Elderfower Power


This enchanting non-alcoholic cocktail is a blend of delicate elderflower flavors and refreshing citrus notes in the format of a classic Sour, Oolong tea providing a clean, tannic bitterness to balance it all.

These creamy blossoms, from the elder tree (Sambucus nigra), have been treasured for centuries for their culinary and medicinal potential. Beyond their beauty, elderflowers boast unique compounds that contribute to their unmistakable aroma, and they have even found their way into beverages like elderflower cordials and sparkling wines. We also adopt a zero-waste approach to the production of our Wild Elderflower Liqueur and cordial, using the leftover candied flowers as an exquisite and delicious cocktail garnish.

This signature mocktail is crafted with our Wild Elderflowers Cordial and delivers a burst of summer flavours that’s perfect for those who want to enjoy a crafted drink without the buzz, and without compromise.

Cheers to a moment of pure joy!

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