Gentian & Wildflowers Bitter

Exploring the intricate world of botanicals, our latest cocktail bitter is crafted with gentian root and Danish wildflowers.

The gentian root (Gentiana ssp.), is a storied botanical renowned for its nuanced bitterness. Its presence in any cocktail brings an intriguing complexity that evolves with every sip.

This handcrafted cocktail bitter adds a sophisticated touch to any drink, pairing well with a broad range of spirits. Its versatility amplifies the depth of classic cocktails such as Negroni or Old Fashioned in just a few drops.

Additionally, bitter tones can be utilized in non-alcoholic beverages, offering a refined touch to mocktails and artisanal sodas. Its adaptability allows mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts to experiment, creating nuanced flavour combinations that celebrate wild nature.

Beyond the sensory experience, using these wild foraged ingredients celebrates the richness of Denmark’s botanical heritage while advocating for responsible practices that respect the local ecosystem.

Ingredients: Neutral grain spirit, handpicked wildflowers, Gentian Root, water, sugar.

24% Alc

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