Green Innovation Week

28th September 2023

Elværket, Brårupgade 18C, Skive

Green Innovation Week is an annual event hosted by Green Innovation Makers at Elværket Skive, peaking on the 28th of September 2023. The event aims to explore a number of areas within the green transition and green innovation overall, bringing together educational institutions, businesses, entrepreneurs and citizens for workshops based on Green Challenges, exhibitions, testbeds of new green technologies, solutions and business models as well as a lot of inspiration, pitching and exchange of experience across the board. On this peak day, Ulmus will be hosting a series of workshops and a pop-up bar in the evening. Join us in learning how to make delicious cocktails, how to incorporate unique, wild and homemade ingredients, and about building bridges between modern man and wild nature.


The art of creative cocktail making

We start out by igniting your creativity by crafting your very own cocktail syrup from fresh ingredients. Here you will put together unique flavor combinations that are used to make delicious cocktails. We guide you towards what typically works well together, and then you just have to let loose your imagination.

Next, we will learn to combine base ingredients into a finished cocktail when we’ll be making some non-alcoholic drinks with subsequent tasting, delving into how the different flavors play together in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We will be hosting 5 workshops during the day in the Streetfood area and everyone is welcome!

★ 10.00-11.00
★ 11.30-12.30
★ 13.00-14.00
★ 14.30-15.30
★ 16.00-17.00

Admission to the workshops is FREE.
First come, first served with a limited number of places per workshop.

Pop-up Bar

Cocktails specially designed for the event

To highlight the flavours of our exclusively crafted ingredients, we have designed a signature cocktail that is specially crafted for GIW 2023.

The cocktail bar is open at 18.00-20.00

When: 28th September 2023
Where: Elværket, Brårupgade 18C, 7800 Skive

Admission: FREE. Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of age or expertise.

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