House Old Fashioned


Step back in time and savor the timeless elegance of an Old Fashioned cocktail, a cornerstone of mixology, featuring two of our artisanal bitters: the house orange bitter and the wild bird cherries bitter.

Wild bird cherries, scientifically known as Prunus padus, are a species of cherry tree native to Europe and Asia. What sets them apart is their petite, dark cherries that hang like jewels from the tree’s branches. However, these cherries are not commonly consumed due to their astringent and slightly bitter taste when eaten fresh. Yet, their unique flavor profile and natural bitterness make them an ideal candidate for crafting cocktail bitters.

When transformed into bitters, these cherries unveil a rich tapestry of flavors, ranging from earthy to slightly sweet, imparting a nuanced complexity to the Old Fashioned that few have experienced.

The wild bird cherry bitters are harmoniously complemented by our artisanal orange bitter, a vibrant and aromatic fusion that bridges the gap between sweet and citrusy. As you take that first sip, the interplay of bitter flavors unfolds along with the depth of bourbon.

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