Land of the Rising Highball


This cocktail is a super refreshing way to use two whole parts of the invasive beach rose (Rosa Rugosa, 🇩🇰 Rynket Rose), the petals and the rosehips.

This East Asian-inspired highball pays tribute to the region’s varied and delicious botanicals: Japanese Blossom gin (containing Sakura and mandarin), yuzu flavored tonic as well as flowers and fruit of the beach rose, which is native to the beaches of East Asia (and invasive everywhere else). Lemon juice ties it all together and balances the sweet flavors of rosehips and Sakura blossoms, and the final result is a delightfully crisp summer sipper.

Although lemons are often associated with the Mediterranean, all citrus actually originated in Asia as well.

This particular gin brings an almost thick floral sweetness that is complemented by the brighter brand of perfume from the Beach Rose petals schnapps. A deep sweet and tart fruitiness from the rosehips sits in the middle and all the way – in the other end of the spectrum, bright citrus livens everything up, while a light #quinine bitterness lingers on the back palate.

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