May Queen


This signature cocktail is crafted with a harmonious blend of fresh summer wildflowers, meant as a sensory journey through the nordic wilderness.

As much a Negroni as an Espresso Martini is a Martini. In this cocktail, the gin – while distinct – plays a supporting role to really let the wildflowers shine, evoking warm summer nights and comfort around a smoldering fire in the woods.

The heart of this drink is the wild chamomile tea, which captures the essence of serene moments in nature. Paired with an iconic London Dry Gin, it’s a marriage that culminates in a spirit that’s both refined and untamed.

As wild elderflower liqueur and syrup intertwine, they bring forth a symphony of floral notes. On the nose, you’re instantly met with the fragrant sweetness of elderflower and chamomile, highlighted by the bright zing of the volatile lemon oils. As you sip, the chamomile explodes on the palate with undertones of vanilla, pineapple, orange, and a distinct fragrant spice reminiscent of wild tansy and thyme. This is followed by juniper and light citrus from the gin while the finish is dominated by delicate elderflower. The precious drops of wild chamomile bitters, handcrafted with love, add a unique depth to the ensemble.

With each sip, this cocktail becomes a reverie, a journey through untouched landscapes, and a testament to the wild’s enduring allure. It’s not just a drink; it’s an invitation to experience nature’s grace in a glass.

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