Nordlyd Festival 2023

3-6th August 2023

Darupvej 50, 4000 Roskilde

Nordlyd Festival is a new initiative that focuses on new & upcoming music, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, circular economy and community. The first edition was held in 2022 with great success and it has now become a part of the annual summer festival season in Denmark. Ulmus and Nordlyd have been partners since the beginning (before Ulmus even existed!), with our CEO supporting the organization and staffing the festival’s main bar Kompasset.

Craft Ingredients

Handmade for Nordlyd Festival

This year, we have catered Nordlyd Festival with our handcrafted Bitter Orange Cordial for Kompasset Bar during the event. The handmade cocktail ingredient highlights the lively atmosphere of the summer party, with perfectly balanced flavours that pair well with a range of cocktail recipes. Fresh, fruity, tangy & bitter, it has a subtle but complex spice that elevates a wide range of cocktails.

Signature Festival Cocktails

Cocktails specially designed for the event

To highlight the flavours of the exclusively crafted ingredients, we design two signature cocktails for Nordlyd Festival 2023.

The Cran-Cran is a riff on the classic Cosmopolitan that conveys the spirit of the festival, made by Kompasset Bar with Ulmus’ bitter orange cordial.

The Wave (named for the wave in Nordlyd’s logo) is a signature cocktail of ours that highlights the energy of the festival: Gin, lime, orange cordial, lemon soda and a splash of Fernet Branca.

Bar Staff

Event set-up and steering committee

Ulmus has been involved in the organization and staffing of Kompasset Bar since the first edition of the festival in 2022, and is proud to collaborate on staff training, promoting the best possible service and assisting in the day-to-day running of the bar.

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