This signature cocktail explores the combination of floral tones from a handcrafted Rose Petals schnapps and the botanical elegance of classic London Dry Gin, which intertwine seamlessly with the exquisite freshness of artisanal apricot oleo and zesty lemon, crafting a delightfully light split-base Sour.

The 🇬🇧 Beach Rose or 🇩🇰 Rynket Rose (Rosa Rugosa) is a resilient shrub, originally hailing from the East Asian shores and becoming highly invasive in many temperate regions.

Its unchecked growth has often overshadowed native flora, impacting biodiversity and the strength of native ecosystems. Yet, here lies a clever solution: the Beach Rose produces edible and delicious flowers and fruits that grace our cocktails with their natural allure.

Incorporating these blooms into our recipes not only tantalizes the taste buds but also serves as a reminder of the delicate balance of nature. The beach rose’s gentle, distinct floral flavor, devoid of overwhelming soapy or perfumed notes, harmoniously complements the other ingredients in this cocktail, offering a sip that celebrates the beauty of the natural world while encouraging conservation.

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