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Gentian & Wildflowers Bitter

★ Exploring the intricate world of botanicals, our latest cocktail bitter is crafted with gentian root and Danish wildflowers. The gentian root (Gentiana ssp.), is a storied botanical renowned for its nuanced bitterness. Its presence in any cocktail brings an intriguing complexity that evolves with every sip. This handcrafted...
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Wild Cherry Bitter

★ Exploring the diverse tapestry of nature’s bounty often leads to fascinating discoveries, and in Denmark, the realm of wild cherries (Prunus avium) unveils an array of possibilities. Our latest creation, a cocktail bitter crafted from these overlooked treasures, pays homage to the elegance and richness found in the...
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. The Alba is one of our signature cocktails that uses artisanal wild elderflower liqueur and gentian bitter along with a sweet white vermouth and smooth white rum, in a Negroni build. The cocktail is very unique, in no small part due to the Danish-produced Vermouth Moderne, which is incredibly unique and dessert-like....
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