Tag: Classic Cocktails

House Old Fashioned

. Step back in time and savor the timeless elegance of an Old Fashioned cocktail, a cornerstone of mixology, featuring two of our artisanal bitters: the house orange bitter and the wild bird cherries bitter. Wild bird cherries, scientifically known as Prunus padus, are a species of cherry tree...
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Not Quite Dark & Stormy

. This cocktail is a beguiling twist on the classic that promises an unforgettable voyage through flavor. This libation combines the deep, molasses-rich allure of Plantation Original Dark Rum with the zesty embrace of lime juice, weaving a narrative that’s both complex and invigorating. The addition of aromatic angostura...
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Espresso Martini

. There must be at least a thousand ways to make an espresso martini. Here is the original (vodka-based) version with slightly improved ratios and a splash of salt to elevate the beautiful coffee flavors. The quality of espresso and coffee liqueur used is paramount to an exquisite result....
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