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Wild Raspberry Liqueur

★ In the Nordics, exploring the countryside and meandering through the edges of forests in high summer unveils a delightful surprise – wild raspberries. It is in fact a very difficult task to go through the landscape without stumbling upon their widespreading brambles. Botanically known as Rubus idaeus, wild...
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Wild Blackberry Liqueur

★ Exploring the realm of blackberries in Denmark unveils a fascinating array of diversity, boasting around 100 species of these delectable fruits. Among the assorted varieties, the Eurasian Cutleaf Blackberry (Rubus Laciniatus) reigns supreme in our hearts. Its distinctive flavor profile, marked by intense fruitiness and a captivating complexity,...
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. The Alba is one of our signature cocktails that uses artisanal wild elderflower liqueur and gentian bitter along with a sweet white vermouth and smooth white rum, in a Negroni build. The cocktail is very unique, in no small part due to the Danish-produced Vermouth Moderne, which is incredibly unique and dessert-like....
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