Tag: Signature Cocktails

Green Innovation

. The Green Innovation is a cocktail designed for the Green Innovation Week 2023, and has the format of a gimlet over ice with the addition of basil & cucumber. The original recipe calls for sea sandwort (Honckenya peploides), a native succulent that grows wild by the sea and...
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The Parrot’s Tail

. An old-fashioned, exiled to live out the rest of its days on a tropical island? Say it ain’t so! With this equatorial riff on the timeless classic, I present to you the Parrot’s Tail. This signature cocktail gives a tropical makeover to the classic old-fashioned, where every sip...
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Il Piccinonno

. Here’s another cocktail using our artisanal coldbrew coffeeliqueur, this time an original Ulmus Cocktail. Fruity grappa and brooding coffee intermingle with the herbaceous bitterness of the amaro and a nutty depth from Oloroso Sherry. An orange twist ties everything together and the final result is a deep and...
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