The Quincessentials


The quincessentials is an ode to the end of the summer. It highlights the sourness of wild quince along with the botanicals of gin, the vanilla notes of Galliano, and the floral complexity of the wild beach rose petals.

Wild quince, scientifically known as Cydonia oblonga, has been cherished for centuries for its fragrant fruit, a symbol of love and fertility in various cultures. Its blossoms, as well as its fruits, are celebrated for their beauty, enchanting aroma and unique flavor.

The tincture of wild beach rose petals impart a subtle floral complexity and adds an intriguing layer to this cocktail. Beach roses, or Rosa rugosa, are known for their hardiness and the delicate fragrance of their blossoms. Despite being invasive in Denmark, beach roses are well known and beloved for its delicious rosehips, being a defined feature of the coastal landscape.

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