Wild Blackberry Liqueur

Exploring the realm of blackberries in Denmark unveils a fascinating array of diversity, boasting around 100 species of these delectable fruits. Among the assorted varieties, the Eurasian Cutleaf Blackberry (Rubus Laciniatus) reigns supreme in our hearts. Its distinctive flavor profile, marked by intense fruitiness and a captivating complexity, sets it apart. What makes it even more appealing is its sturdiness – even when ripe, its fruits hold their shape admirably, making it a prized find for foragers.

Harnessing the essence of these Danish treasures, our signature cocktail incorporates fresh wild blackberry oleo (Fresh fruit Syrup) and Liqueur. The wild blackberry liqueur encapsulates the pure essence of handpicked Danish blackberries, unleashing their raw and authentic flavors.

Using wild foraged ingredients like these remarkable blackberries underscores a commitment to sustainability in the agro-food sector. Foraging for these treasures fosters a deeper connection with nature while promoting biodiversity preservation. Employing such unique components in cocktails not only amplifies the drink’s taste but also champions a more sustainable approach to mixology. It’s a celebration of nature’s bounty, highlighting the importance of ethical sourcing and the vibrant flavors that thrive in the Danish landscape.

Ingredients: Neutral grain spirit, handpicked wild cutleaf blackberries, water, sugar.

30% vol.

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