Wild Cherry Bitter

Exploring the diverse tapestry of nature’s bounty often leads to fascinating discoveries, and in Denmark, the realm of wild cherries (Prunus avium) unveils an array of possibilities. Our latest creation, a cocktail bitter crafted from these overlooked treasures, pays homage to the elegance and richness found in the Danish landscape.

Handpicking these cherries allows us to capture their essence in a form that integrates ordinary mixology and wild edible foraging culture.

In this unique cocktail bitter, the wild cherry takes center stage, harmonizing with the warmth of multiple spices and the earthy undertones of aromatic herbs.

By sourcing cocktail ingredients from nature’s bounty, we foster a profound appreciation for biodiversity while advocating for ethical and responsible practices.

Ingredients: Neutral grain spirit, handpicked wild cherries, water, sugar, aromatic herbs, spices.

24.6% ALC

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