Wild Cocktails Workshop

22nd October 2023

OneBowl, Valgårdsvej 2, 2500 København

Learn how to make delicious cocktails, incorporate unique, wild & homemade ingredients, and learn about building bridges between modern humans and wild nature.

In this OneBowl exclusive, we will learn how to make two delicious and unique cocktails – one alcoholic and one nonalcoholic – exploring how the different flavors meld together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Your host & instructor for this experience will be veteran bartender & founder of Ulmus Craft Cocktails, Johan Lydeking. With a decade of experience behind the bar, he is very excited to share his craft with the OneBowl family – so join us for a fun & informative afternoon of cocktails.


Cocktails specially designed for the event

To highlight the autumn flavours, we have designed a signature cocktail that showcases some unconventional varieties of apples.

Furthermore, participants will learn how to make two different cocktail formats.

When: 22. October 2023
Where: KraftWerket, Valgårdsvej 2, 2500 København, Denmark


3:00 PM – 4:00 AM Ticket: 45 DKK

More info: Wild Cocktail Workshop @ OneBowl


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