Wild Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower is probably the most beloved summer flavour in the Nordics. The infusion of elderflowers into cordials and liqueurs encapsulates this fleeting season, preserving its essence for indulgent moments year-round.

Elderflowers are revered for their beauty and culinary versatility, weaving a story of tradition and regional heritage.

These delicate blossoms are sourced from the elder tree (Sambucus nigra), and bestow an exquisite yet subtle flavor profile, evoking hints of honey and floral nuances.

The elder trees are extremelly abundant in the Nordics and often found dotting the countryside in late spring and early summer, adorned with clusters of tiny, fragrant blooms. In the fall, one can also harvest elderberries which are also traditionally consumed as jams, soups, liqueurs, and others.

Foraging elderflowers from the wild imparts a profound respect for the environment, fostering biodiversity and supporting natural habitats. Utilizing these wildflowers in cocktails and other beverages (see our Elderflower Warm Saft) underscores a conscious choice toward eco-friendly mixology, minimizing the ecological footprint.

Ingredients: Wild Elderflowers (Sambucus Nigra), Sugar, citric acid.

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