Wild Gibson


The Gibson has gone wild!
A Nordic spin on an old-school classic? Ja tak!

We recently discovered a patch of wild onions (🇬🇧: Sand Leek, 🇩🇰: Skovløg, Allium Scorodoprasum) near our house, and what better way to incorporate onions into a cocktail than the Gibson?

The Gibson (or Gibson Martini) was first described in 1908 and is traditionally garnished with a white cocktail onion.

To put a Nordic spin on the old classic, we Lacto-fermented the wild onion heads (an inflorescence containing lots of bulbils) in 3% brine, and paired them with a juniper-forward Nordic Dry Gin for a delightfully crisp and savory drink.

The deep purple of the bulbils in the brine tint the final drink with a lovely light pink hue 💖

Full flavored and dry on the palate, the botanical complexity of the gin and vermouth is further deepened by the onions.

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