Wild Raspberry Liqueur

In the Nordics, exploring the countryside and meandering through the edges of forests in high summer unveils a delightful surprise – wild raspberries. It is in fact a very difficult task to go through the landscape without stumbling upon their widespreading brambles.

Botanically known as Rubus idaeus, wild raspberries thrive in moist habitats and, being very abundant in the Nordics, they serve as an anchor for their ecosystem by attracting pollinators, wildlife looking for food & shelter, and children of all ages.

Handcrafting our wild raspberry liqueur is a joy that requires meticulousness and patience. Handpicking the berries at the peak of their ripeness ensures that their essence is perfectly captured in the infusion. The subtle tartness and delicate sweetness become the embodiment of the land – in this case, the heart of Jutland.

Unlike commercial farming, foraging for wild ingredients minimizes the need for artificial inputs, reducing the environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable food chain. Incorporating wild raspberry liqueurs & cordials into cocktails & mocktails not only elevates the drinking experience with their unique taste but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

With this liqueur, we aim to provide a more holistic approach to consumption, where each sip tells a story of mindful sourcing, ecological harmony, and the pure pleasure of enjoying nature’s offerings in a glass.

Ingredients: Neutral grain spirit, handpicked wild raspberries (rubus ideaus), water, sugar.

25% ALC

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