Wild Strawberry Sakerinha


This fusion cocktail pays homage to the wonders of nature through the delicate magic of wild strawberries.

The Sakerinha is a fusion cocktail that encapsulates the spirit of Brazil’s iconic Caipirinha and its fusion of cultures. The roots of the caipirinha trace back to the 19th century, featuring the bold flavors of cachaca, lime, and sugar. The key twist in this cocktail is the substitution of cachaca with sake, a nod to the Japanese influence in Brazil, where a significant Japanese immigrant population has contributed to the country’s culinary landscape.

The Strawberry Sakerinha emerged as a creative variation on this beloved Brazilian classic. The addition of wild strawberries to the mix brought forth a burst of fruity sweetness, elevating the cocktail’s tropical charm to new heights.

Wild strawberries, known scientifically as Fragaria vesca, are a botanical marvel. These diminutive berries pack a surprising punch of flavor and an intriguing power of adaptability as they flourish in diverse ecosystems, from alpine meadows to shaded woodlands.

Beyond their delectable flavor, wild strawberries have also captured the imagination of herbalists and botanists throughout history for their potential medicinal properties. Today, wild strawberries remain a testament to the resilience and complexity of nature, a botanical curiosity that finds its way into our glasses, inviting us to savor the exquisite simplicity of the natural world.

With each sip, you’re not just savoring a cocktail; you’re partaking in a centuries-old tradition of both the Sakerinha and the wild strawberries it celebrates.

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